Tees Hot Club Regulars

Ian Bosworth (“Bossman Boz”)

Boz is the boss of the Tees Hot Club and also a founding member.

Ian plays guitar and organises the band in general, arranging the guests for Thursday evenings and doing his own thing on his Contemporary Tuesdays at the Dorman’s Club.

He is fond of going off to America when he leaves the THC in Keith’s incompetent hands!

Ian regularly plays with Musicians Unlimited – a fantastic Big Band – who perform every Sunday lunchtime in Hartepool.

Keith Wilson (“Keef”)

Keith is one of the founding members of the Tees Hot Club and regularly plays with the band. He also sings ( howls ? ) a bit – ( when there is no one good about). Keith plays a variety of other instruments ( harmonica, mandolin, Cuban Tres, pedal and lap steel ) but usually sticks to guitar with the THC.

Keith administers this web site and provides the graphic design for t-shirts, posters etc.
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Jerry Hughes (” Young Jerry”)

Jerry plays bass with the Tees Hot Club on a regular basis. He is also the organiser of Dormans Club’s popular Sunday night jam session. Despite his protestations to the contrary he is not the youngest member of the THC. His nickname probably relates to his “babe magnet ” status.

Ron Hampton

Ron plays rhythm guitar – (and can sometimes be heard) – he also performs with his wife Linda who sings! He needs a nickname – suggestions please?

He is pictured giving Jeff Beck a few playing tips !

Tim Lamb (He’s No Lamb, He’s a Ram”)

Tim plays a cardboard box – what more can you say!